Design and Manufacture of specialized machines

Design and Manufacture of specialized machines

Specialized machine design and manufacturing professionals

Design and manufacture of specialized machines, leave it to us for integrated production!

Leave it to ASAKE for integrated production of specialized machines, factory automation equipment, and various types of equipment. We provide one-stop services from design to assembly, various tests, and on-site installation. We design the optimum equipment to meet your needs, including the intended use of the equipment, required specifications, size, cycle time, safety of workpiece loading/unloading and transfer, and in-process quality assurance.

Track Record

■Specialized machine for automotive parts

・Engine casting parts machining line equipment
・Automated transmission assembly transfer line equipment
・Various bearing assembly machines and inspection machines
・Automated assembly line equipment for air-fuel ratio measurement sensor electrical components
・Automated gasoline fuel tank assembly line equipment
・Automatic clutch pulley assembly machines
・Automatic parts sorting, sorting, inspection and container packing machines
・Front seat lifter assembly and inspection machine
・Automated assembly and inspection machines for rear seat sliding door mechanism parts
・Hybrid and EV motor core assembly machines

■Specialized machine for railroad parts

Inspection machine for railroad wheel bearing

■Specialized machine for marking, identification and inspection

・Laser marking machine
・Inspection machine for product work
・Automatic measuring for various type of work
・Durability testers for prototypes before mass production

■NC Rolling Machine Products

・Shaft serrated shaft machining center
・Thread rolling machine
・Various types of casting and forging serration processing machines

■Products for the Environment

・Specialized machine for bio-activation
・Specialized machine for oil decomposition and bio-processing
and more

Integrated Production System

ONE-STOP Service
Development and design

・Electrical design
・Mechanical design

Processing and Procurement

・Parts Machining
・Material procurement


・Electrical wiring

Testing and Inspection

・Various tests

On-site Installation

・Trial operation

Product Examples

Hydraulic automatic drilling system
Abbreviation Precision parts washing and automatic packaging machine
Target Work Large bearings for railroad vehicles
Technical specification Cleaning → Marking → Rustproofing → Packaging
Automated robot equipment
Hydraulic automatic drilling system
Abbreviation Precision large parts weight inspection and determination machine
Target Work Automotive Transmission
Technical specification Automatic large workpiece transfer and inspection equipment
Hydraulic automatic drilling system
Abbreviation Automatic inspection system for machined parts shape
Target Work Automotive suspension related parts
Technical specification Automatic inspection system for machining dimensions, shape, and flaws
Hydraulic automatic drilling system
Abbreviation Comprehensive product inspection line
Target Work Bearing single parts
Technical specification Shape measurement, flaw inspection, cleaning, and rust prevention processes
Fully automated line equipment


Indonesia Factory

In 2016, we established PT ASAKE MACHINARY INDONESIA, in Indonesia.
The acceleration of motorization in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries has increased demand for quality automotive parts production lines.
ASAKE also provides integrated production in Indonesia, including design, engineering, and installation of specialized machinery of Made in Japan quality.
Please contact us if you have any questions about designing, manufacturing, or constructing equipment lines for specialized machines in Indonesia.