Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

Our approach to customers, product quality, and work structure, and our commitment to ISO 9001 : 2015
Commitments regarding the creation of mechanisms, quality maintenance management and improvement activities in line with JIS Q 9001 : 2015

Create a structure (corporate culture) that emphasizes that all employees keep their promises to customers and abide by the law.
Determine a quality policy and set the direction of management.
Have each department determine quality objectives and work to realize the quality policy.
Conduct management reviews and periodically check the status.
Provide necessary facilities and equipment, and assign necessary personnel.
Quality Policy

●Quality Policy

Establish a company that can provide world-class products of satisfactory quality to meet the demands of customers and laws and regulations.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

●Basic Philosophy

We understand that protecting the global environment is one of the most important issues for all of us, and we will act consciously to protect the local environment in all aspects through our work.

●Environmental Policy

Based on our basic philosophy, we will take the lead in environmental protection in our work of “manufacturing automobiles and machine tool parts” and “designing and manufacturing machine tools and environmental equipment” in order to promote the protection of the earth and local environment.

In this regard, we will set environmental goals and actively promote them, and in order to improve our environmental performance, we will periodically check the status and continue activities that lead to environmental improvement.

We will comply with environmental laws and other commitments.

We will always be aware of environmental issues and strive to prevent pollution through activities that protect the environment.

We will make sure that this Environmental Policy is understood by our employees and all those who work for us, and we will announce it to the general public and to anyone who wishes to learn more.