Automobile parts mass production

ASAKE’s technology supports automobile safety


By the Numbers: ASAKE’s Automotive Component Manufacturing

The number of parts being made..,
The number of parts being made..,

24,000,000 ?!

ASAKE manufactures more than 24,000,000 automotive parts of various types annually.
We have technology able to continue making same parts all the time.
That is ASAKE’s technology.

Machining accuracy is..,
Machining accuracy is,,


We continue to manufacture more than 24,000,000 parts with an accuracy of ±0.01 mm.
This is very difficult.
But what supports this is…

ASAKE’s equipment are..,
ASAKE's equipment are,


90% of the equipment used to make mass-produced parts is designed and manufactured in-house (including customization).
The technology to create equipment to produce high quality products at low cost.
This is also ASAKE’s technology.

Even as automobiles evolve..,
Even as automobiles evolve,,


ASAKE continues to make parts that will remain unchanged (except for flying cars) even as EVs, FCVs, and other forms of automobiles change.
We are making parts that will be needed in the world 100 years from now.